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About Us

We recently moved to the Northern Cape from Cape Town. Where we regularly went to dive and owned all of our own equipment. When we hear we are to move we sold most of that equipment and invested in overlanding. We are going to explore the beauty of the Northern Cape. It was difficult to get info and to get people that want to come with on trips. Getting stuck alone is not fun...

This community is a place where adventure loving enthusiets can join and share what they love. This is a group were we learn from each other and share what you love. It is completely free! Join in the conversation. You can support with buying a sticker and merch in the future.

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What can you share!

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Share the places you visit. Share those hidden gems that you find with the Norther Cape hospitality that you love.

What you Drive

Share what you drive, from the budget overlander to the kitted 4x4's. Share your ideas and grow the community.

Epic Scenery

Share the beauty that you capture through the lens. That image might inspire others to visit too.


Share those DIY hacks that make camping easier for you. From that awesome gadget to that DIY shower! Lets learn togeher.

For Locations or businesses

If you want to advertise your camp site or place (Farm stall, Resort, Restaurant, Lodge, B&B) that people must visit in the Northern Cape. Contact us and we would love to have you onboard and advertise to individuals that has a passion for overlanding and the Northern Cape.

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