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This is group that was created for adventure-loving individuals in the Northern Cape, to share what they love and join in on the adventure. It was also created to show all the awesome locations in the Northern Cape other than the usual. Join in the discussion and share your experiences. It is free of charge, just your experiences and advice is needed. Support by purchasing a sticker!

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Love adventure

Love Adventure?

This is the community to join!

This community was created for the overlanding and adventure seeking individual. The person that loves to camp and see places that the normal person never get to see. Enjoying nature and all the beauty that it has to offer. Enjoying the small things and not having a big budget with all the fancy kit.

If you enjoy adventure or you want to share your trips and places to visit, join in the discussion on our Facebook group, get a sticker and support to grow this community.

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Camping Hacks

You need!

Please share with us your hacks and the DIY projects that makes camping more fun. It may be thing that you have done to kit out your vechile or hacks that makes camping more fun and easy. Overlanding on a budget is a buz word and to join a community that shares your passion.

Go and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, where we try and make overlanding easy and on a budget. Check out our Blog where there are hacks, DIY and builds. Share your passion and build this $x4 overlanding community

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We are trying to make 4wding and overlanding especially in the Northern Cape more accesible. Sharing your experience and locations helps others to visit those locations with correct and up to date info!


What can you do when visiting the Northern cape. It is not only sand and dessert!

Travel Management

What routes should you take and learn from others experiences 

Private Guide

Guides to what to pack and what to expect.

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All the must see locations, camp sites and attractions.

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